Draft to Edited Editorial Services and Proofreading

Draft to Edited Editorial Services and Proofreading

About Me

I am the author of twelve books, one of which has been published in ten countries and translated into seven languages. My books have been published by Penguin, HarperCollins, Fourth Estate (UK), and Deuticke Verlag (Vienna), among others, and have also been independently published on Amazon, Apple, Createspace, Google Play, etc.

I have an MFA in Writing from Columbia University, New York, and an MA in Literature from American University, Washington D.C.; I studied editing at a Harvard Summer School workshop taught by a senior editor from Little, Brown (a major Boston publisher) and worked at a well-known New York literary agency for a year, evaluating a wide range of manuscripts and writing detailed content critiques.

In recent years, I have edited nonfiction books, academic and history books, romance novels, thrillers, literary and science fiction novels, and NGO reports. I have edited books by first-time authors as well as by a few distinguished writers, including a senior professor who has written a few hugely popular books on American history, a veteran, awardwinning Hollywood television writer-producer (Bill Taub), an awardwinning television writer (Jeff Abugov), and a Princeton alumnus/CEO.  (Their comments are at the bottom of this page.) Interestingly, three of my clients (including one current client) are from the Los Angeles area and are connected with the television industry.

Below are the covers of just a few of the books I have edited:

Sweeping, readable, and thrilling “forgotten” history of America (Kindle, paper)
Nicholas Lombardi Jr.’s Romantic Thriller set in Africa: Colorful, passionate, powerful.
Excellent advice for writers, charming and witty book by an award-winning television writer.
Work of Theology and Philosophy
Erudite Philosophical-Theological Book by a Princeton alumnus
Mark One, a thriller by John Hindmarsh
A fast-paced thriller with a futuristic/scientific edge
Shen Ark: Departure, a science fiction novel
A highly imaginative SF novel
Linguistics, History, and Politics: Important, Original
Cambodia Votes
Authoritative book on the history of elections in Cambodia.



More about me: Linked-in profile and my website.

Services Offered

I follow The Chicago Manual of Style, but I am also acquainted with British conventions, having grown up using British spelling and style and reading both British and American writers. Details of my editorial services here:


It all depends on the manuscript, and also on how busy I am.  At the moment, I charge from around 1 cent a word for a very basic copy-edit of a reasonably polished manuscript, or a flat rate of $25 an hour (which many of my clients have accepted as fair).  The rate rises to 2 cents per word for heavy copy-editing (for my other services, please ask). The per-word rates are subject to my evaluation of  the manuscript.


For testimonials from previous clients, please scroll down to the very bottom of this page, below the Comment box, and click on the red “View all 9 comments” or here.

CONTACT: richard.crasta[at]gmail.com. I am also available on Skype and can chat via Google Chat.

You may also CONTACT ME by using the contact form below:


10 thoughts on “Draft to Edited Editorial Services and Proofreading

  1. Richard has recently completed a copy edit for Mark One – my new thriller – for me. He did an excellent job, and on time as well. He picked up some errors I had completely missed. More than happy to recommend him

    Thanks Richard – appreciated.

  2. I self-edited three books and thought I had done a reasonable job. I hired Richard for my fourth and found there’s a reason for enlisting an expert pair of outside eyes. It has definitely become a better book. I recommend Richard for expertise, price, and willingness to go the extra mile to meet the author’s needs.

    Mark Ledbetter

  3. Richard did a very good job of editing – two books – for me and I recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced and professional editor. He delivers quality on time. Excellent!

  4. Thank you so much for the work that you did on my autobiography (Parts 3 and 1). Congratulations on a very good editing job. There are, as you intimated, points that need to be discussed,.but I can tell you that I accept at least 99% of your revisions. You have also made insightful comments and helped me greatly by organizing the book into chapters. Thank you.

  5. Richard is a fabulous editor. Who helped me whip my book “Automatic Pilot” into flying shape. And is now learning self-publishing is the way to go!

    From the beginning, Richard has been more than an editor, but acted like a colleague. He cares. Even though I’ve been writing television and commercials for thirty years this is my first book and it is so much better because of Richard.

  6. I had a marvelous experience with Richard. His attention to detail and thoughtfulness were extraordinary, and he really dove into the weeds on my book. I will not hesitate to work with him on my next text!
    I recommend Richard to any and all who would like the kind of editor who catches all the little things and does not neglect the big ones, either. Thank you!

  7. Richard did a marvelous job editing my book manuscript. He is quite the professional with a keen eye for detail. The manuscript was much improved after his treatment. His rates for top notch work are not bad either. I recommend him without reservation.

    Thank you Richard. Great job!

    Michael Sullivan

  8. Bill Taub, above, is an award-winning television writer who lives in Los Angeles. Scholarly Theological Author is a CEO and inventor. Michael Sullivan has a PhD in International Politics from London, and his book will shortly be published. I appreciate their trust, and of all my clients, and wish them the best.

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